Lifestyles of Families with Learning Disabled Children
Most families facing the issues involved are not aware of the consequences in the fabric of their daily lives, and thus do not develop coping strategies, until the stresses on family members have reached critical status. For example, children with learning or behavioral problems frequently require a higher-than-average adherence to structure, predictability, consistency and a regimen that…. read more.

Fit to be a Child
The trend today is for little children to skip the early developmental tasks and learn the habits of older children and adults early in life. For example, society encourages children to begin academic learning earlier than ever. With mothers taking full-time jobs, children may enter many different programs and group experiences requiring… read more.

A letter from Jesse’s work:
From the moment I met Jesse in the summer of 2010, I was impressed by his willingness to work hard and his motivation to learn to read.  Even though 30 years had passed since he had formal academic lessons, he had retained… read more.