Attics of the Mind.

This is the true story of one mother’s journey in raising her child with mental and physical challenges. Dr. Lustig openly expresses her innermost doubts, emotional pain, coping strategies and strengths she developed as she faced dealing with her child’s needs within his social and educational environment. It is also the story of the people she met along the way, the families of special children and the children themselves.
The story of a Mother and her Special Son
The story of a Mother and her Special Son


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In recounting her experiences with her son and other children with similar challenges, we come to know the children in ways that go beyond their disabilities. Dr. Lustig has much to say about the educational and social environment that impacts any family raising a child who doesn’t fit into society’s mainstream. It is a testimony to the truly heroic efforts many parents make to cope with adversity, and the special bonds forged in the struggle for a child’s survival. It is a story that will touch the heart of any parents who love their children.

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Leon Tec, M.D., LFAPA Psychiatrist and Child Psychiatrist Author of The Fear of Success; Targets; Adventure and Destiny
After reading Dr. Laura Lustig‘s manuscript ATTICS OF THE MIND, I was impressed and moved by the intensity of the emotions and the vivid description of the struggle a mother faces taking care of a dis-abled child. When a baby does not respond when one expects the child to communicate, and when people‘s reactions vary from detached to patronizing, it is no wonder that intense emotions flood the moth-ers‘ psyche. I believe that it is of great importance for any parent who has a child with disabilities to read and study this unusual book. I was especially focused on Chapter 14, ―Reflections.‖ It touched me deeply and made me admire Dr. Lustig‘s ability to so vividly describe her turmoil and readiness to become a super mom. I recommend this book highly not only to parents of handi-capped children, but also to educators who devote their professional lives to help these suffering children.

Parents will profit from Laura Lustig‘s courageous journey
        Milton Seligman, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh Author
        (with Rosalyn Darling) of the 3rd edition of Ordinary Families, Special
        Children (Guilford Publishing, 2007).

Laura Lustig recounts the compelling journey she and her son have traveled. Jesse, now in his 40s, has a disability. Written twenty years ago, her story is as relevant now as it was when it was written. As a compassionate and energetic mother, she negotiated educa-tional, vocational, and social barriers for her son. She traveled a road of challenges, often fighting for opportunity and justice for Jesse, but also for other families confronted by childhood disability. Her story is a tale of a dedicated parent who stood up to the travails of coping with a son who has a disability, professional ignorance, and limited social opportunity. Parents will profit from Laura Lustig‘s courageous journey.


I would highly recommend the book to parents, teachers and educators.
       Judy, Speech Language Pathologist, Special Education Teacher
This is a story of a mother’s on-going struggle and search to find the appropriate education and placement for her learning disabled son. The book reads like a beautiful, compassionate, and educational novel. It offers many ideas for remediation along with methods to adjust to difficult situations.
How to network to locate placements for these children with special needs is a strong feature of this book. I would highly recommend the book to parents, teachers and educators.


I think it is an extremely important book
         Barbara, Florida
I cannot give you enough accolades for writing this book.  Your life, and your husband’s, since the birth of your third child has shown incredible courage.  You had courage in never giving up on your son; courage in trying to cope where others would have surrendered; courage in working tirelessly with schools and parents and problematic educators, and courage and brilliance in recording events as they unfolded after his birth, and courage in baring all of your thoughts and feeling in this remarkable book.